Pomptonian's Philosophy

Pomptonian's Philosophy

Students selecting food from salad bar
Superior Quality and Commitment
Pomptonian’s entire business is focused on serving students the highest quality, nutritious meals. Our dedication to quality service is reflected in the way we listen to our customers’ comments and tailor the service to best meet their needs. Our attitude towards our customers ensures they have a positive experience and look forward to coming back each day.

Nutritious Selections
Pomptonian is continually creating new, nutritious selections that are attractive and appealing to our valued customers-the students. We invest more in food and the ingredients we buy. Students taste the difference and parents can feel comfortable and confident having their children participate in the program. We offer a wide variety of foods each day to accomodate many differnt student preferences. Our menus evolve with emerging trends and nutrition goals.

Innovations that Motivate
Our reputation has been earned through our innovative services and promotions. These events are designed to generate enthusiasm for the program and to show our genuine appreciation to our valued clientele. We continually try new items and promotional events to keep students interested in the cafeteria.

Caring and Professional Team Members
We are a family-owned company and our people make the difference. Our teams forge our reputation for excellence each day by providing the highest level of service and ensuring our standards for quality are met.  Through the efforts of our loyal and dedicated team members we are able to work individually with our customers and provide the most responsive service. We strive to exceed customer expectations.

Dedication to Farm-to-School
Farm-to-School initiatives enrich the connection between communities and local food producers by changing food purchasing and education practices at schools and encouraging more fresh, healthy food from local producers.

By purchasing local we are supporting and strengthening our local economies. The students learn not only in the classroom, but also in the cafeteria. Farm-to-School programs influence and help develop sustainable healthy eating behaviors.
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